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Creating Connections, Enhancing Lives

At Ageing with Grace, we are committed to addressing the needs of older people, ensuring that they never feel isolated or neglected. Our organisation is devoted to providing support to older people, helping them to remain socially connected and independent. We recognize the unique challenges faced by people as they age and provide the necessary guidance and assistance for them to gracefully navigate them.

We believe that social connections are essential to the well-being of older people and have created a community that fosters companionship through various programs. Our organization administers the Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme, funded by the Australian Government, to reduce social isolation for older people. We have also teamed up with Dossy.co to enable older individuals to connect with loved ones using video-chatting technology.

At Ageing with Grace, we work to empower seniors to embrace technology and efficiently stay connected. Our support spans social media, online shopping, internet browsing, video-calling and other related areas.

Daily activities can become challenging as one ages, which is why Ageing with Grace provides practical assistance with tasks like personal shopping and transportation.

Our experienced and empathetic team offers individualized assistance and tailored solutions to meet unique needs. Join our community today to experience a fulfilling life. Contact us now to learn more about our programs and services.

Our Vision is to create a society where older people are empowered to age with grace, dignity, and fulfillment. We envision a future where older people have access to the resources, support, and opportunities they need to maintain vibrant social connections, embrace technology, and lead independent lives.

Our Mission is to support older people in their journey towards social connectedness, digital literacy, and independence in daily living. 

Together, with our passionate volunteers and community partners, we are committed to empowering older people to embrace their golden years with grace, confidence, and a strong sense of belonging. Through our services, we aim to create a society where age is celebrated, and older people are valued for their wisdom, experiences, and contributions to the community.




We show our respect and acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who are the traditional custodians of this land. We pay respects to their Elders past and present.

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